Sunday, 25 November 2012

wow forgot about this blog

Been a while since I have been here, even forgot I had this blog..
Wow so much has changed since I was last here.. The business name changed to "the nappy wrap store!" and since then its changed AGAIN lol

The new site is where I now stock other cloth nappy brands as well as my own..along with some baby clothing and party supplies..
I Started accepting the real nappies for London vouchers, since moving back to London in april 2011.. and opened an actual shop in ridley road market area in Hackney!

Please pop by and check out the new site, and if you are local pop into the shop and see me :)

Friday, 5 June 2009

sick all week

i have caught a nasty case of the flu, been laid up for days with it and now my youngest has it and looks like the boys are getting it too, hopefully its gone by monday then i can get back to work..
feels like i have been hit by a truck. been taking cold and flu tablets but they are not doing much for me, going to have an early night and wrap up warm in bed hopefully i can sweat it out of me..

Thursday, 30 April 2009


i am unfortunately behind on orders, but working as fast as i can to get caught up!!
managed to get 4 orders out so far this week, aiming for another two today or more if i can..
Meanwhile i have listed some ready made items..
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

not much to tell

life has been hectic here to say the least.. busy working, kids of school for two weeks..
Must keep them busy, took them to the beach yesterday and they went on some rides and had great fun..

hoping to fit in a visit to the park today..

My son has been officially diagnosed with adhd, its a relief to have them finally reach a decision, and helps me better understand him and try to cope with his moments, that sometimes seem to last forever lol.. but at least i know he isnt meaning to be bad, its not his fault..

will update again soon..

real nappy week offers coming soon!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I WON!!!

well last night i won the best business start up award.. got a bunch of flowers, and a certificate!
Had a great time last night.. met loads of other business people..
will post pics eventually..

Here is my award, and the flowers

Nominated for an award tonight!

tonight i am going to a function and have been nominated for a local business start up award..
i am both nervous and excited.. i have bought some new shoes, trousers and a tunic style blouse.. got an appointment to get my hair cut and straightened..
it would be so nice to actually win, but i am so nervous if i have to go up infront of other people i get very nervous infront of others.. am rambling now, best go finish getting the kids ready for school...wish me luck!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Almost all moved in

Been sleeping in the new house since the monday but still have loads of things to bring from the old house, clothes books teddies and loads of junk i forgot i even owned lol..
I seriously am exhausted and feeling really down about how long its taking, would help if i had a car but alas i dont drive yet, so i am filling bags, boxes and more and putting them all on the pram.. i just wish it was all over and i could get on with sorting everything out in this house..
hopefully just another few days..
Am glad my internet is back on i cant believe i missed it so much lol..
well am going ot relax for a bit and tomorrow start bringing more things round.. hope everyone is well..