Sunday, 5 April 2009

not much to tell

life has been hectic here to say the least.. busy working, kids of school for two weeks..
Must keep them busy, took them to the beach yesterday and they went on some rides and had great fun..

hoping to fit in a visit to the park today..

My son has been officially diagnosed with adhd, its a relief to have them finally reach a decision, and helps me better understand him and try to cope with his moments, that sometimes seem to last forever lol.. but at least i know he isnt meaning to be bad, its not his fault..

will update again soon..

real nappy week offers coming soon!!


  1. Hiya,
    Just to let you know the wraps arrived on saturday and they are fabulous! Lovely dry pyjamas in the mornings, thankyou!! The rate she's growing it wont be long before I'm ordering a bigger size!!