Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Almost the new year

hope everyone is recovered from the stress and joys of christmas...
The end of year sale is almost over!!
The new year is about to begin. Hope everyone has a succesful and good new year..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

1 day to go

and then it will all be over!!
apart from the cleaning up that we end up doing.. re arranging of toys in bedrooms and anywhere else they end up lol..
Check out my store for the big end of year sale!! most definitley woth a look , starts on christmas day through to the new year!!!
This will be the last sale for a while, and i will be getting new fabrics after the new year.. and restocking those that are now sold out..
So for now a Merry Christmas to all and a happy new year!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

6 days till christmas!

wow i think christmas is creeping up too fast..
i still have a few presents for my kids to get, and in between all that i am working to get as many orders as i can out for mondays post.. i know that the last posting day is saturday.. but i dont think i can get all finished for then.. so will post some more on monday.. i am going to go to my work space at night while the kids are asleep, obviously they are being minded lol, not leaving them on their own..
will do as much as i can from now till monday.. so far i am managing approximately 3/4 a day!
Hopefully the kids will behave when i take them with me during the day.. they are usually good and if we bring colouring books and pens with us they will keep busy and let me get on with things.. gets them out of the house for a bit too lol..
Got a birthday party for my son straight after christmas too.. cant wait till january when all settles down again lol!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Nearly Christmas!
hope everyone has a good holiday... and santa brings everyone what they want lol..
i am working hard to finish up current orders!
in between my own christmas shopping, which is almost done..
Did plan to add some minky wraps to the instock section but am fast running out of time so will add them in the new year.
Look out for the after christmas sale! its going to be a good one!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

15% off sale!

there is currently a 15% off sale valid until the 18th Dec 08...
Also new customers can use the code "new" for a further 10% off..
We all know starting out with cloth is not always cheap, works out cheaper in the long run, but start up costs can be high.. so i like to help new customers out with discounts here and there!!

First time blogging

i guess i should first say who i am !!
My name is Debbie and i own
where i make cloth nappies, bibs and cloth san pro (washable sanitary products)
I have 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls..
i live in the north east (UK)
i have recently moved my business from in the home to a workspace!
Reason for this is i needed to clear some room in my house so that i can stock more variety of fabrics, to give my customers more choice.
I have been busy adding new products and have stocked some more flannel fabric for the AIO cloth pads.. as well as stocked bamboo terry nappies, the fabric is known for its absorbancy and softness, as well as its anti bacterial properties, great for helping with nappy rashes.. which as we know all children get at some point in time..
so if you use cloth on your child or yourself come visit us at